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Used Bikes

We have a few used mountain bikes that have trickled in. First off a Yeti ASR-SL sized medium. This is a 26″ wheeled bike that we were all riding on back in the day. Next a Trek Marlin 7, size 18.5 with 29″ wheels. These wont hang out long while the days are getting nicer and nicer

Yeti Cycles Has The Right Bike For You

Pick your poison! Are you looking for an XC, Trail, or Enduro bike? We have you covered. Yeti Cycles offers nimble bikes like the SB115 with 130mm of travel up front, followed by the SB130 with 150mm and then the SB150 which has 170mm and has won more race stages than any other EWS race bike in history. Come try them out to see what type of riding you want to get into!

BRAND NEW Specialized Stumpjumper Expert

Welcome the BRAND NEW Specialized Stumpjumper Expert. This radical trail bike is so agile, so lively, so in-tune with the trail, that it feels like an extension of your body. Levitate up the climbs. Decimate the descents. The bike is going to make you rethink how a trail bike should ride. Come check out this beauty, its not going to hang around for long

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